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New Key Features in the Dynamics 365

In November 2016, Microsoft launched Dynamics 365, a product line consisting of applications related to ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer research management).

Sold in two editions, one being the business edition (small and medium businesses) and the other being the enterprise edition (medium and large businesses), Dynamics 365 is already quite the hot cake in the business and with its July 2017repackaging, looks like it's set to conquer the market.


With the new update, the Microsoft dynamics crm applications in India are renamed as the Customer Engagement Plan, whereas, the ERP applications have been termed as Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. The key parts of this July 2017 update mainly consists of CRM application related enhancements, such as:

  • 1. Integrated Client Interface

The new office 365 client is all about smooth navigation, sharp field layout, grids, and the former white-space, along with a User Interface which is responsive for other devices and services like mobiles and tablets and business edition applications.

  • 2. Activity Timeline

For now only available on the Unified Client, Timeline feature will display all the posts, activities and notes on a single feed, with options to filter certain types of activity and a quick review of the unread items.

  • 3. Refreshed Web Client

Along with the Unified Client, the Web Client interface is also set to receive a makeover with the containers having borders around, better color themes, standardization of fonts and text wrapping fix.

  • 4. Virtual Entities

Almost similar to the traditional entities, the virtual entities differ in the reading of external data at run time without storing them in the database of Dynamics 365.

  • 5. Option Sets for Multi-select

You can either create an option set as multi-select or alter an already existing set and it will be displayed as an intuitive multi select control on forms.

  • 6. Insights of Customer Behavior

The DCI (Dynamics Customer Insights) processes huge amount of data and analyzes, forecasts and prepares better apprehension of present and potential future customers.

  • 7. Enhanced Business Process Flow

With the July 2017 update the Business Process Flow now not only has new entities but it also enables you to call business rules and workflow. The update also enables you to customize the actions with inputs from the user and also commence the Microsoft Flows.

  • 8. Activity Logging

The activity Logging records all the interactions and activities with the data, any administrative move, logins from other devices, workflows and so on. The feature is designed to enhance the Office 365 Security and Compliance Centre.

  • 9. Customer Service Hub

The Customer Service Hub is available as an app with a renovated look and design. This interactive service hub has incorporated many a new features, with the most notable one being no longer making you wait for downloading metadata.

  • 10. Sales Navigator for LinkedIn

With the aid of the LinkedIn navigator solutions for Sales and Campaign, one can increase the functionality of one’s LinkedIn. This is made possible through enabling one to view and synchronize the data for the Leads, Contacts and Accounts. Dynamics 365 will also allow tracking inMail and messages along with a smooth access to the profile data of Company and Contacts.

  • 11. Managing Product properties Programmatically

Along with the former features to programmatically manage product family or product bundle, now the Dynamics 365 enables the user to create and manage the product properties programmatically as well. This includes allowing the user to automate the catalogue of the product and link it with any third party software.

  • 12. Server to Server Authentication

The server to server authentication allows the user to communicate safely with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 through other apps and services. The server to server authentication is the usual way in which apps registered on Microsoft Appsource can access the data on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 of their users. The feature is available for both multi tenant and single tenant applications.

The server to server authentication does not require the user to hold a paid Dynamics 365 user license when connecting to the tenants. With the server to server authentication on Dynamics 365 a separate unlicensed application user account is set up which holds information about the user’s application registered with the Azure Active Directory.

Based on an application user marked by an Object ID value from the Azure Ad which is there in the user record of Dynamics 365, the application is authenticated.

The July 2017 update of the Dynamics 365 has so many exciting new features that it is very difficult to sum it up in one go without writing the length of an Iliad-that is how epic this update is.

Apart from the key features mentioned above, the update also includes, introduction of new privileges, introduction of app modules, Built-in power BI, integration of Cortana, the Site Map designer and process enhancements, including the features to execute SDK messages, associate more than one business process through a single entity record.

The new update has also introduced clients APIs to set up and control the records in the mobile clients of the Dynamics 365 during offline operations.

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Unique Tips on How to Make Your Apps Attractive

With so much happening in the app development industry it is becoming more difficult to have a unique app. So many apps are getting developed and launched daily that having a creative idea and design for the business app is hard to find. It is a myth that giving importance to marketing of the app can succeed it but on its contrary if the app is not designed and planned properly then no matter how much buzz you create but eventually it will have a life of bubble which can burst anytime.


Having said that there are some unique tips on making your app attractive and unique by following useful tips:

  • User Friendly: Having user friendly app means business. An app should be made considerably easy for its users by giving them option to login through their login id’s of facebook or google+ and also provide them the option to retrieve the password in case of any technical issue and forgetting the password. The app should also be easily installable without many steps.
  • Attractive Designs: It is a common belief that what looks well sells well. Same goes for app, as having an attractive design for your app can bring more users to you. Also with design proper detailing should also be done so that the outlook of your app can help in understanding the product you deals in.
  • Simple is Effective: Simplicity always clicks. Simple app will help you get more hits as all the users might not be that technically sound. A simple app will attract more customers even those who know much about installing.
  • Device Compatibility: When going for iPhone app one should be considered by iPhone App development services provider about device compatibility as the app can be easily used on all devices such as smartphones, tabs and laptops.
  • Resolutions: App resolution is also very necessary because app will be used on different devices and the resolution of the app should fit into all the devices.
  • No Copy Paste: If you use this function while developing your app makes sure that you won’t last long. An app which looks similar to other app doesn’t work well. Go for a unique design you can surely have an idea of performance from your competitors app but add some new designs to your own.
  • Promoting your product: Main reasons for getting app is to promote your product and business. In order to do so take into consideration about smartly placing your logo and details in the app as the logo should tagline shouldn’t be highlighted more than required.

There are many iPhone App development services provider among which you can chose according to your taste and budget. There is absolutely no requirement to describe having the importance of iPhone’s app in comparison to other OS platform apps.

Apple doesn’t take any risk in the quality of app and hence sometimes it becomes quite challenging to get your app approved from apple store. But if your app gets approved from them then there is no looking app as you will enter the global market and will have all new horizons open for your business.

Experience is always best defense against Java Web Development pitfalls

Every year, few of the Java web development and Java J2EE development teams fall into traps due to lack of familiarity with language. In this blog, we will discuss on some of the popular Java pitfalls that will help you in practicing best Java habits and how to avoid problems as soon as they are detected

  • Expecting too much from JLayeredPane

While working on user interface layer, you should not completely rely on JLayeredPane. There may arise some background issues with image or content loading so you have to distributed objects to avoid the problem.

  • Visiting a vector is always tough

If you would look around Enumerator classes and its implementation then its behavior is completely different from iterator classes. Here, there may raise code comment issues and it is generally referred as poor designing by other team.


When boolen value is returned then it does not give much information on cause of failure. This may cause consistency and poor designing at the end.  There are plenty of reasons of failure that are tough to identify. Currently, there is no technique to identify these problems but Java web development and Java J2EE development teams are working hard to resolve the issue.

The other issue is attempting use of File object when rename() has already been defined successfully. In case, you just want to change the File name then how it could be done? You just have to pass name through string? This is called poor class naming. You have to be extra cautious when defining name of class and operations performed under it.

The third issue is that File.rename() function works differently on different operating systems. So, meaning of Write once, run everywhere quote has been violated here. So, you have to work with files wisely here. Both the issues are related with Java designing that should be fixed at early stage only.


Eminent development services for client’s accelerated business growth

Microsoft’s wonderful scripting language, the Active Server Pages (ASP) or its upgraded version, an essential .NET framework that enables users to create elegantly dynamic web pages, services and applications are truly full of potential.

To fulfill the business needs and rising demand of various businesses, a lot of companies in India are employing ASP.NET development team to render flexible and functional services to clientele with web development requisites. development services are rendered to clientele from various locations in India by companies that have senior .net software developers who diligently provide client-centric solutions. developers are efficient in developing a responsive or dynamic website with unique and elegant features to transform your business into a success reaping one.

Unlike the in-house team working, by hiring development services from an efficient company, operation and management of websites get easy and flawless.


Sneak peek into advantages of development services

By hiring a company that renders diligent development services to clientele located anywhere across the globe, the clients can reap great benefits.

  • Development of web pages that are any browser compatible 
  • Not much coding is required to build big sized applications 
  • Entire development coding is executed by developers before transferring it to the browser 
  • Code is not visible to user from the browser side 
  • With inbuilt configuration information, there is no necessity to register components 
  • Changes can be made instantly to any web page
  • Adding content or any other new element to the web page is quite simple and easy. 

Hiring the right partner

Considering the development costs which are expensive, choosing an offshore company that renders cost-efficient development services would be a good idea as the offshore companies are certified and also house professionals with great experience in the domain. development services offered by offshore companies are reasonably priced and are inclusive of designing, development, and post-development of web applications using different technologies for enterprise-class websites.


Visualizing better tomorrow of healthcare application development sector

Today, healthcare providers are more focused on improved design of EHR systems and its implementation. According to experts, there is an emergence need to improve healthcare application development tricks and strategies. The more awareness of improved design and implementation will surely increase demand of better healthcare development Companies and assures better tomorrow of healthcare application development sector.

Now healthcare sector has been realized the importance of big data and why it should be transformed into structure database for meaningful decisions. After a research of global healthcare market, it is expected that profit will increase up to $20 million by the end of 2020 or even more. The meaningful data analytics not only helps in taking positive business decisions but also improves overall quality of care significantly.


Today, healthcare application development team is practicing to make user-friendly interfaces where different tabs can be accessed quickly according to your convenience. Now users would be able to enjoy more robust experience while interacting with the software. They could also give feedback or suggestions to improve overall user interface and its working as well.

Last year one conference was held in New York to visualize different path to a new healthcare sector. Experts around the world were invited in the conference to discuss on necessary reform required by growing healthcare organizations. We have been already been achieved a height on healthcare software development yet there is space for improvement to make it better and in favor of organization.

Some of the common problems were improved data analysis, simplification of complex data paths, more interactive user interface and more compiled outcomes. The experts make sure that necessary changes will be done in coming years and healthcare developers would also be trained to compete with challenges and implementation issues.
To know more on Healthcare software solutions for your industry and how we can help you in optimizing your business growth, kindly contact us now.